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go to bed and dream of cute puppies! :D i just got back from a night out, it’s the start of my freshers week and i’m around 65% #alcohol at this point, it’s both great and awful xOXxoxox (lots of hugs and kisses)

i hope u had a lovely time out?? :D :D and hope u dont wake up with a hangover tomorrow (are those real or is that just a film/tv-myth?). and ty ty ty. i hope you get some good dreams whenever u go to bed :D

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I can practically feel your happiness radiating through this post, I’m happy that you’re happy :)

now i’m doubly happy bc saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!!!!!

(tho lol u should get me to go to bed and stop looking at dog things and hey what are you doing up this late!!)

/happy flappy hands

someone was inspired to make a caps blog bc of me

it’s for chicago pd and chicago fire (which tumblr doesn’t have enough of?????) everyone go check it out :D :D :D


i honestly feel like affirming your heterosexuality in a queer space is an act of aggression, if you have to maintain that youre straight at a gay event in order to feel alright with yourselfs then you should probably just not be there 

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Do you ever start watching an episode on your laptop

and then randomly pause it

and next you know you’re on tumblr

and suddenly it’s taken you 2 hours to watch a 40 minute episode


i’ve never met nicki minaj but i trust her

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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

i took it and i got isfj (which loool is the same as who i got tagged by). i’m not sure if the results fit me or not, i can’t ever tell but hey a ton of awesome female chars i wish i could compare one iota to:

(and more amazing chars already listed)

i’m tagging: niyalune, sismoz, cosmicwarden, elvesarebad, and amorremanet :))


Dream On by StergosSkouloukas

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Abbie talking about her love of baseball. 

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