Machapuchare - New Chhomrong - Nepal (von Andrei Valentin)

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favourite heroes characters:  simone deveaux
"to love: may we stay away from it when it’s no good for us"


Slovenia | Martin Elekanic

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The Pearl of the South Pacific

angry!pup scotty mccall (◡‿◡✿)

guess who finally got their arm back

cas is just the neediest omg my left arm’s fallen asleep bc he’s got it in a stronghold, all snuggled up

a blog is where u can put ur thoughts and talk abt urself. and everything in between. except i keep. not doing that at all? whenever i have the urge i just spam someone through emails (hi sry to u all). or i don’t talk abt the thing at all until i wind up posting a big tmi post of angst and bad things. (which i wind up deleting the next day.)


i feel like i should be able to talk abt myself?? any time i want basically?? cos it’s my blog?? except my brain is like “lol nah here have some more anxiety and self-hatred and fear for personal safety”???

thx brain

tl;dr im gonna try and overcome that. with the life-bloggy things. tho no idea what i should tag that as. generic lifeblogging tag??